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Tick! Tock! Time Flies, but with a Tick!-it you've got a flight plan. Hi Crewmember, welcome to the LastMinute Lauderdale Flight Crew and thanks for submitting a Tick!-it to share with the LastMinute community! Feel free to use LastMinute Lauderdale to spread the word about any "right now" events, deals and offers you've discovered, taken advantage of or created. It doesn't take long, doesn't cost anything and best of all you’re promoting opportunities that support your local community.

Here are some examples of what makes a good Tick!-it: The chef's "fresh from the market" special at your favorite restaurant, a hot "stay-cation" weekend package at a luxurious beach resort, a special price on the last few tickets to a wonderful charity black-tie event or day-of tickets to a sold out show, mid-week two-for-one treatments at a fabulous spa or a tonight only promotion at an exciting night spot. Of course, let's not ignore a good old fashioned half-off sale at a trendy boutique. Any going... going... gone! experience that won't last long makes for a perfect Tick!-it.

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Max Character Limit: 4040

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