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WINNERS Announced: Riverwalk Trust Mimosa Breakfast for Six @O-B House

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Posted at 9:41 am by Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale
Published on: August 8, 2011
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The Details: On behalf of O-B House and the Riverwalk Trust, we thank you for participating and appreciate your support! We have two winners for the O-B House Mimosa Breakfast Giveaway:

Riverwalk Trust Mimosa Breakfast for Six Giveaway:
#1 @O-B House! WINNER is Michael Faerber!
#2 @O-B House! WINNER is Larry Poole!

Michael answered the question: Why was the Riverwalk Trust (Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale Inc.) Founded in 1988?

“To build and nurture the Riverwalk as a vibrant community connected by the New River – starting by selling brick stones :-)

Larry Poole told us his favorite Riverwalk Trust event is: Gourmet food trucks at Esplanade Park is my favorite Riverwalk Trust event. RT has many great events to promote the waterfront area. As I was near the gazebo with the gourmet trucks around, I shed a tear (not bawling), because I was thinking how great it is to be an American in Fort Lauderdale! We have incredible natural resources, but organizations like RT help residents to get-in-touch with the grandeur in a personal way. Whether one buys an item from one gourmet truck, or all of them – or even none of them…getting out on the Ft Lauderdale waterfront is a unique venue. It’s not just a matter of coming-down for special events, but knowing what is there for all days of the week, any weekend! RT events such as the gourmet trucks promote pride in our City, and back-it-up with awesome food! That’s two! Two! Two pleasures in one.

Who’s The Source Of This Offer?: The Riverwalk Trust

What’s Their Web Address?: http://www.goriverwalk.com
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